Electronic Checks Increase Revenue

Electronic checks (echecks) capture new sales from buyers that do not have credit cards or simply prefer to pay by check. Electronic checks are a payment method which electronically transfers money from a buyer’s bank account to the seller's bank account.

Increase Sales with Electronic Checks

Adding electronic checks as an ecommerce payment option is simple way to make more sales. The more ways a customer has to pay, the more sales will result. Merchants adding electronic checks as a payment option experience sales lifts of 8-20%.

Over 75 million Americans do not have credit cards. Electronic checks give these customers a convenient, familiar and easy method to make purchases online.

Benefits of Electronic Checks

  • Increase Sales. Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment option for internet merchants.
  • Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment. If a credit card is rejected, offer electronic check as a payment option. Echecks rescue sales that otherwise would be lost.
  • Reduce Payment Processing Expense. Save money when customers pay by electronic checks rather than credit cards. Electronic check transaction fees are amazingly low.
  • Increase Cash Flow. Electronic check processing ensures that payments are fulfilled. Automatic debits to the customer's account take away payment-delaying tactics and eliminate the wait for a check to arrive by mail.
  • Boost Revenues. Electronic check acceptance broadens market reach.. By increasing customer payment options with electronic checks, merchants generate more sales, increase revenues, and realize higher profits.
  • Satisfy Consumer Demand. Consumers expect to have multiple forms of payments offered at check out. If a consumer wants to pay by electronic check, savvy merchants will accommodate the buyer and close the sale.
  • Lower Administrative Costs. Electronic checks processing virtually eliminates preparing and mailing customer invoices. Echecks reduce administrative expenses and are good for the environment.

Best Processing at the Lowest Rates

Electronic checks are a valuable payment option for any internet merchant. Our professional payment processing consultants have assisted merchants in every business category successfully establish electronic check processing accounts.

Expert knowledge and a dedication to success guarantee a positive experience for every client. Low rates and superior service are a standard feature of all electronic check accounts.

Stop Losing Sales

The goal of every merchant is to convert prospects to customers. Business owners devote a great deal of time and effort deciding what to sell and how to sell it.

Websites are carefully designed and promoted to maximize the number of visitors to the site. Once at the site, prospects are led through the selection and purchase process.

For merchants, a happy moment arrives when the prospect decides to become a customer. The desired items are placed in the shopping cart. The customer is ready to pay and payment options are displayed.

What happens if the buyer is offered only credit cards as a payment option? What if the buyer does not have a credit card? Or if the buyer just prefers to pay by check?

Sadly, without echecks, the sale is lost. The buyer is unlikely to return to the site in the future. Buyers have infinite places to shop online, including many that offer electronic checks as a payment option. The effort expended to gain a new customer is wasted.

Stop throwing away sales. Start accepting electronic checks today.

Case Summaries

  • Internet Merchant. Selling products for the home, clothing, and books Credit card sales were good. But, over 50% of shoppers abandoned the shopping carts at check out. The merchant added electronic checks as a payment option. Within 6 months, 9% of new sales were purchased with electronic checks.
  • Online Retailer. Selling jewellery, purses, and gifts for women. Average ticket per sale was $400. There was a steady rise in the number of cards that were denied authorization at checkout. Upon closer examination, the merchant realized that more people were paying for purchases with debit cards, rather than credit cards. The debit cards had authorization limits imposed by the issuing bank, with an average transaction limit per card of $300. If the purchase price exceeded the limit, the card was denied. Once the transaction was denied, most customers left the site rather than calling their issuing bank and asking to have the limit raised. The merchant added electronic checks as a payment option. When a card is denied, the customer is given a choice of paying by echeck. The merchant reports that 57% of customers will complete the sale using echeck.
  • Online Merchant. Merchants selling electronics are often victims of fraud. Cybercriminals use stolen credit cards to make purchases which are shipped out of the country before the fraud is discovered. Merchant promotes electronic checks as a payment option because there is a lower rate of fraud with echecks than with credit cards. The merchant says 11% of sales are made using echecks.
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