High Risk Merchant Accounts

Banks automatically classify certain types of businesses as high risk merchant accounts. High risk merchants take advantage of our expertise to successfully establish and diversify payment processing accounts with acquiring banks throughout the world.

How the Right High Risk Merchant Account Benefits Business

  • Enhances cash flow
  • Reduces risk
  • Maximizes revenues
  • Ensures customer satisfaction
  • Streamlines business operations
  • Quickly expands market reach
  • Protects against loss
  • Increases payment processing flexibility

The “Risk” in High Risk Merchant Accounts

The biggest concern about payment processing for high risk merchant accounts is chargebacks. Statistically, high risk merchants have greater potential for chargebacks and are more susceptible to fraudulent transactions.

There are a lot of reasons for chargebacks. Some are legitimate. Many others are the result of fraud, identity theft and cybercrime. Regardless of the cause, merchants, payment processors and banks are all liable for losses resulting from chargebacks.

The potential risk of loss due to contingent liabilities limits the number of acquiring banks willing to accept high risk merchant accounts. Because there are fewer banks, high risk merchants are faced with greater challenges than non-high risk merchants in establishing payment processing accounts.

Can High Risk Merchants Get Payment Processing Accounts?

With the right guidance, high risk merchants can certainly obtain superb payment processing accounts with excellent rates. Many top-notch banks are ready to provide payment processing for high risk merchants.

There are three key elements in successfully establishing high risk accounts.

  1. Knowing what banks will accept the particular type of high risk business
  2. Having the right connections at the bank
  3. Correct packaging of the application to ensure final approval

The best way for high risk merchants to obtain proper payment processing accounts is to work with experienced payment processing professionals with the right banking connections. Businesses discover that it is far more efficient and effective to work through professionals with specialized banking knowledge than trying to get accounts on their own.

Your Best Choice for High Risk Merchant Accounts

Payment processing professionals provide expert guidance to ensure proper placement of all accounts. Our team is dedicated to the long-term business success of our clients. Merchants are guaranteed complete satisfaction, with the highest quality payment processing at the lowest possible rates. Applying for a high risk merchant account is free. The strictest confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Case Summaries

  • Online Adult Entertainment. The acquiring bank that had been processing for the company was merged with another bank and no longer accepted adult websites for payment processing. The merchant wanted to establish more than one merchant account to avoid being dependent on a single acquiring bank. The company established three merchant accounts to mitigate risk. Diversification of payment processing is now part of internal strategic operational directives.
  • Herbal Supplements. This company promotes its products on television, radio, internet, and in print publications. The merchant’s acquiring bank had a limit on monthly processing volumes. The company needed more processing volume quickly to accommodate demand for the product. The merchant established two additional payment processing accounts. Each account allowed the merchant to process as much volume as needed. Rates on the new accounts were substantially lower so the merchant is also saving money on payment processing fees.
  • Online Travel Company. The company was expanding sales to international travellers and needed a way to accept orders world-wide. The company established a high volume payment processing account to accommodate international orders. The merchant now processes credit card payments from customers located around the world. The merchant also added local bank transfers as a payment option enabling international travellers who do not have credit cards to pay quickly and easily on line.

How to Apply for Merchant Account

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