Payment Gateway

A payment processing gateway is ecommerce software which enables merchants to accept payments online. Payment gateways securely connect websites to financial networks through which credit card and other types of electronic payment transactions are sent, received, authorized, and settled.

The electronic payment system gateway is designed for high volume and high risk merchants who demand best-in-class ecommerce software and payment processing services.

Benefits of Payment Processing Gateway

Danger on the Internet

The risk of security breach is a constant concern for ecommerce merchants. If a company’s payment processing system is compromised, customer data is endangered. The company faces financial devastation, loss of consumer trust, and possible legal liability for damages.

Fraudulent transactions are continuous threat for high volume and high risk merchants. In addition to financial loss, fraudulent transactions cause spikes in chargebacks ratios which jeopardize payment processing merchant accounts.

Powerful Payment Processing for Secure Protection

The payment processing gateway is Level 1 PCI-DSS certified and exceeds all standards for cardholder security. Transaction processing software combines PCI compliance security rules with unique features to guarantee protection for businesses and consumers.

Strategic management tools enable high volume and high risk merchants to save legitimate transactions and reject fraudulent ones. Powerful weapons to fight fraud are included in the ecommerce software. Businesses chose the desired level of protection based on a sophisticated rule-based filtering system.

The payment gateway encrypts credit card information to enhance security and protect merchants and their customers. Intelligent payment processing ecommerce software stores encrypted data in a Level 1 Security Protected Vault based on assignment of virtual numbers.

Ecommerce software helps identity fraud, money laundering, compromised passwords, and other unauthorized activities. The transaction processing system detects intrusions, reconstructs events, and enhances employer security and user accountability.

Unique payment processing technology easily manages an unlimited number of merchant accounts through a single payment gateway. Dynamic load balancing increases processing volume, dilutes chargebacks, and mitigates risk.

Proven Reliable Payment Processing

The transaction processing platform guarantees a strong backbone and solid infrastructure for reliable online payment processing. Advanced ecommerce software easily accommodates high-volume payment processing throughput with 100% completion rates. World-class transaction processing outperforms most financial banking networks.

Our dedicated professional staff provides electronic payment systems to satisfied clients throughout the world. Competitive rates, expert advice and free on-going technical support are the hallmarks of all payment processing services.

Case Summaries:

  • Internet Retailer. The merchant had one merchant account that was being used to process hundreds of thousands of electronic payment transactions each month. In examining businesses operations, management decided that relying on single payment processing account was created an unnecessary and avoidable risk. To mitigate risk and protect long term payment processing security, the merchant established two additional merchant accounts. All three accounts are accounts are controlled through a single payment gateway which greatly simplifies account management and reconciliation.


  • Ecommerce Websites. The company has a network of websites, each targeted to a specific market. The company had been repeatedly targeted by internet fraud. The merchant needed a payment processing system that had configuration parameters which would allow good orders to be approved while blocking fraudulent ones. By implementing the special security and anti-fraud tools in the payment processing gateway, the merchant realized an 85% decrease in fraudulent transactions.


  • High Risk Merchant. The company sells digital content to a domestic and international customer base. The merchant needed a payment gateway that could accommodate both US and international merchant accounts. The merchant implemented the payment processing gateway and now manages and reconciles all merchant accounts, including those in US, Europe, Caribbean, and Central America through a centralized control panel.


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